The Ultimate Weight Loss Program

Date: 13/03/2018

Time: 07:00 AM

Location: Claremont and/or online


Welcome to the Ultimate Weight Loss Program.

Before we start... if you're looking for the cheapest diet fix or will quit after 2 weeks because you have a birthday coming up... this is NOT for you. Please do not register.

We're looking for people who are committed to making the necessary changes to get results and we are happy to offer a full 100% money back guarantee.

We are only able to take 5 new clients this month. The exclusive nature of our 24/7 support and coaching means we don't have time to offer more places.

So if you've had enough of being sick and tired and are ready to lose weight... or you may have an important event or wedding coming up... maybe your doctor has scared you and suggested that if you don't make some changes soon, your health will permanently suffer... maybe you've realised now is the time to set a better example for your kids... or if you're like us, you just want to enjoy getting older with a healthy happy body.

We will show you a simple, sustainable way to lose weight, boost your energy and immune system and look and feel your best every day.

You won't believe how good you can feel... naturally.


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We are a husband and wife team, Michael & Janet Saleeba. Michael owned and ran the Rejuva Wellness Clinic in Subiaco for a few years before joining Janet as a Health Coach and helping people for over a decade now, to lose weight, build muscle, for healthy aging or to improve their sports performance.

We have partnered with the Number 1 Nutrition and Weight Management company on the planet. Our nutrition products are enjoyed by 100 million people in over 90 countries. We have been lucky enough to use them for 11 years and enjoy the benefits of fantastic health.

Our Mission is to make the world healthier and happier :)


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