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Try one of our famous Healthy Meal shakes with our Herbal Energy Drink (green tea & herbal blend) and Herbal Aloe. It's the best meal you'll get all day including: vitamins, minerals, balanced carbs / fats/ and protein.It's fast food that's good for you – what a concept! Choose from your favorite flavours below and contact me today.

  • Berry
  • Apple and Blueberry
  • Lemon Cheesecake
  • Choc Banana
  • Kale, Apple and Ginger
  • Triple Choc
  • Apple Pie
  • Pina Colada
  • Mint Choc
  • So many more...

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6 Day Healthy Breakfast Challenge 17/09/2018 12:00 AM Online

Are you looking for a way to increase your energy, lose some body fat or just feel better?

More often than not, changing your breakfast is the best place to start!  Join our FUN 6 Day Healthy Breakfast Challenge!!  Its easy - All done ONLINE through a 'WhatsAPP' group in the comfort of your own home / workplace... anywhere in Australia

Just by changing up their breakfast & following our advice for healthy meals and snacks our previous participants had AMAZING results:

Jan reduced 3cms off waist 

Wendy dropped 400grms feeling great 

Glenda dropped 500grms feel lighter

Allie dropped 1.6kgs 7cms & had less cravings

Bec dropped 1.5kgs

Christine lost 300grms

Nicole lost 3.5kgs

Debbie lost 2.7kgs

Tania lost 700grms

Mel.A lost 1.2kgs

Mel.K dropped 800 grams

Peter lost 1.2kgs

Jodie lost 1.5kgs

Rose dropped 900 grams

Sandra lost 1.2kgs

Claire dropped 600grms

Annabel dropped 1.4kgs

Jennifer said "I found the breakfast smoothies really easy'

Maryanne said "the group helped me stay on track & I got a flat stomach this week...!"

...and everyone noticed an increase in energy, better sleeping, better digestion less cravings and felt happier :)


- Full Support

- Meal and Snack Ideas

- Meal Plan & Meal Builder list

- 6 Day Breakfast Challenge Pack just $25

- Online Communication and Friendships

- Daily Challenges to help get you into action

- No dieting or counting calories

REGISTER now to reserve your place

The Ultimate Weight Loss Program Monday 07:00 AM Claremont and/or online

Welcome to the Ultimate Weight Loss Program.

Before we start... if you're looking for the cheapest diet fix or will quit after 2 weeks because you have a birthday coming up... this is NOT for you. Please do not register.

We're looking for people who are committed to making the necessary changes to get results and we are happy to offer a full 100% money back guarantee.

We are only able to take 5 new clients this month. The exclusive nature of our 24/7 support and coaching means we don't have time to offer more places.

So if you've had enough of being sick and tired and are ready to lose weight... or you may have an important event or wedding coming up... maybe your doctor has scared you and suggested that if you don't make some changes soon, your health will permanently suffer... maybe you've realised now is the time to set a better example for your kids... or if you're like us, you just want to enjoy getting older with a healthy happy body.

We will show you a simple, sustainable way to lose weight, boost your energy and immune system and look and feel your best every day.

You won't believe how good you can feel... naturally.


REGISTER BELOW and Janet will call you to arrange a free wellness evaluation.



We are a husband and wife team, Michael & Janet Saleeba. Michael owned and ran the Rejuva Wellness Clinic in Subiaco for a few years before joining Janet as a Health Coach and helping people for over a decade now, to lose weight, build muscle, for healthy aging or to improve their sports performance.

We have partnered with the Number 1 Nutrition and Weight Management company on the planet. Our nutrition products are enjoyed by 100 million people in over 90 countries. We have been lucky enough to use them for 11 years and enjoy the benefits of fantastic health.

Our Mission is to make the world healthier and happier :)

Christmas Cleanse - Glow Lean Challenge 11/12/2017 07:00 AM Online

PRE-CHRISTMAS CLEANSE with our 10 Day Glow Lean Challenge!


10 days of focus in the run up to Christmas! Stay on track with your health goals through the party season! Keep your energy cranking, your digestion sparkly clean and lets smash off some centimetres into the bargain! 

Starts Monday 11th December for just 10 days!


You need to have 3 Herbie products...

1. Instant Herbalife Beverage (Herbie Fat Burning Energy Tea)

2. Active Fibre

3. Herbal Aloe Concentrate in any of the 3 delicious flavours.

Contact your coach ASAP or order online if you are a VIP member! 

Special December offer - purchase your 3 Glow Lean products and receive a free 2 litre Herbalife branded water bottle perfect for helping to acheive your Glow Lean cocktail intake during the challenge!



Take a starting photo of your feet on the scales & of your waist measurement on the first day. Drink, sip or skull 3 litres of our special Glow Lean cocktail each day for 10 days COLD or WARM!!!! 


:)  It may boost your energy and mental alertness 

:) Aloe plant aids in a soothing digestive system 

:) Gentle botanical/herbal cleansing 

:) Provides Soluble and Insoluble fibre 

:) Improves nutrient absorption

:) It may help you lose centimetres like crazy!!! 


You'll be added to a secret Facebook group where we will keep each other accountable, share tips, snack ideas and meal suggestions, support each other and generally create a community of people all super focused on feeling awesome and cranking some great results!!!


REGISTER TODAY by filling in your details and your Coach will call you to organise delivery of your Glow Lean products!

Wellness Profile

Our comprehensive wellness evaluation is free to members and guests of our coaches!

Get your evaluation numbers:

  • Weight
  • Lean body mass
  • Body fat %
  • Protein factor
  • Resting metabolic rate

Then work with your coach to learn what your numbers mean, set your goals and develop a personalized plan on how to achieve them!


Body Transformation Challenge

Want to transform your body?

Come and kickstart your your health and fitness in our latest weight loss challenge!

We host body transformation challenges and weight loss challenges a few times each year. Each challenge includes...

  • 1-on-1 coaching
  • Meal planning
  • Daily workouts
  • Before and after photos
  • Prizes
  • And more!
Check Challenge Dates

Become a Wellness Coach

Our business is expanding and we’re looking for new wellness coaches. If you have a passion for wellness and are have a desire to learn more about a becoming a wellness coach, watch this video and contact us today!


Tools & Tips

3 Day Trial Pack

Want to try our products before you commit to the full program? No problem. We offer a 3 day trial pack so you can see, taste and experience the results for yourself! Contact me today to get your own 3 day trial pack!

Your 3 day trial pack comes with a 3 day supply of:

  • Formula 1 Meal Packets
  • Instant Herbal Beverage
  • As your coach I'll be proving you with the following things to assist you with getting the best results:

  • Meal Planning
  • Workout Suggestions
  • Accountability & Support

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